DIY Framed Ribbon Holder

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a few days and I’ve been itching to post something. I’ve got two videos on the way, but I wanted to quickly share this project that I worked on yesterday. As my collection of crafting tools grow, I’m finding less and less room to store everything. I had to do something with my ribbons because they were starting to pile up.

Here is how I had it stored before yesterday:

ink storage

It was just sitting on a rod that was put through some plaques. I’ve clearly run out of space. While I was at Michael’s last week browsing through their clearance isle, I came across this canvas photoframe that was on clearance for $4! So I knew instantly what I wanted to do. I asked my husband to pick up some additional wooden rods and some hooks so that I can create a framed ribbon holder.

Framed Ribbon Holder 5

My husband screwed the hooks in place for me – apparently it’s hard on your fingers because you have to apply a great deal of pressure! Sorry hubby…I love you!

Framed Ribbon Holder 4

He trimmed the rods down to the length of the frame for me…and to keep the rods from sliding off the hooks, I just wrapped some hemp at the ends until I was satisfied. 🙂 Quick solution but it probably won’t be permanent. But for now, I’m happy!

Framed Ribbon Holder

While I was putting this together, I was so frustrated by the ribbon pieces wanting to unravel. So I cut some double sided foam tape into little pieces and used them to adhere loose ribbon.

Framed Ribbon Holder 3

It’s not permanent and I think it’s a great solution.

I’m so happy I did this and I hope that someone else will find this helpful!

Here is what it looks like now:

Framed Ribbon Holder 1


4 thoughts on “DIY Framed Ribbon Holder

  1. Wow! I like your ribbon holders. Very clever. So happy I found you on YouTube. I don’t know how long you’ve been crafting, but you are a Super Talented Young Woman….Hope to see lots more from you.


    • Hi Mynn! You are so sweet and so kind! I’m glad you found me too! I’ve been doing this about 1 year. Just started my blog just before xmas 2014 and started doing videos the week before Easter. 🙂


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